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Ирина спросил 2 года назад

Добрый день, Мне срочно нужна помощь, я получила очень странное письмо из WES, в котором говорится, что оригиналы моих дипломов будут уничтожены. Я в шоке! Как и зачем? Жалею, что связалась с ними и отправила им свои дипломы.


A new policy by Russia customs has been put in place, which says that if your shipment cannot be delivered to you (the receiver), it cannot be returned to sender. This means that if we ship your original documents to you and you do not pick them up from the courier, your original documents will be destroyed.

In order to prevent this, please choose from one of the following options:

1. Provide an address outside of Russia.

2. Confirm that you still want us to send to the address on file in Russia.

3. Ask us to hold the original documents and ship them to you at a later date.

If you select an option for us to ship your documents, they will be sent on the next business day after your e-mail response. If you choose to have your original documents shipped to you in Russia, please continue to monitor your tracking number and contact the courier if there are any problems, so that your original documents are not destroyed.

Please respond directly to this e-mail, as your originals and the digital copy of your report will remain on hold until we receive a response in writing from you.

Thank you for choosing World Education Services.

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