Уведомление о выходе из ООО, перевод на английский язык

Уведомление о выходе из ООО, перевод на английский язык

Перевод с русского языка на английский язык
Translation from Russian into English

Attn.: Interdistrict Inspectorate of
Federal Tax Service № __ for ______

of receipt of the statement of withdrawal from
Limited Liability Company “________”

We hereby inform you that on ____ _, ____ Limited Liability Company “___________” (the Company) (OGRN ____________, TIN ___________) has received the statement dated __________ __, ____ from the participant of the Company ____________________ (date of birth: 00.00.0000, place of birth: city of _______, passport ___________ issued on 00.00.0000 by the Department of the Federal Migration Service Administration of Russia for _______ for the District ________, subdivision code: 000-000, registered as residing at the following address: 00, ___________., apt. __, ____________), being a holder of a share fully paid by him with a nominal value of Ten thousand (10,000) roubles which constitutes 50% of the authorized capital, of his withdrawal from the Company on the basis of Article 26 to the Law of the Russian Federation «On Limited Liability Companies» and Section 5 of the «Procedure and consequences of withdrawal of a Company’s participant from the Company» to the Company’s Articles of Association.

General Director, LLC “_______________” [signature] ________________

[Seal: Limited Liability Company “________________”, Russian Federation, _____________, PSRN ______________, TIN ________________]

_________ ___, ________

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______________ [signature]
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